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The AMP certification has truly been a game changer. As a stretch therapist, I can now easily incorporate many of the AMP techniques with my clients on a daily basis. I feel a lot more confident using my percussion device with clients now. Dr. Mike and his team did a phenomenal job with the certification seminar. The hands on training was very beneficial and provided us with a lot of great information.

I look forward to continuing to use the percussion device with proper techniques and helping my clients with their needs. I know I can use these techniques to grow my business as a stretch therapist and hope to continue learning from some of the best in the game at AMP Sports Med!

Alexis Hernandez  |  Restore Hyper Wellness |  Stretch Tech

This certification isn't just for show on a piece of paper, it truly is an aid in personal training all together that will no doubt distinct you apart from other trainers and possibly amplify your business

AMP's certification class changed the way my wife and I view the massage tool. As avid athletes, we always loved our Hypervolt for post workout soreness, pain, and relief but we had NO idea how versatile the machine was prior to Dr. Mike's class. We now can use the device with confidence not only on ourselves but on athletes according to their request.. I can only imagine how much our athletes will appreciate the techniques we learned for pre, during, and post workouts.

Christopher and Kaitlyn Alcala  |  Self Made Training Facility