AMP At Home Recovery offers two courses. The first is our Foundational Level Certification that will teach you basic level anatomy, the connection of the mind and body, the connection of the whole body, and the AMP proprietary techniques for percussion therapy. The second is our Self-Care course that will give you techniques and the education to use percussion therapy on yourself, your clients, and loved ones.

AMP At Home Recovery Subscription

AMP Self Care

This Self Care videos will show you how to use ANY percussion device on yourself at home. This will give you access to videos teaching you the proper technique from the of your shoulders down to the bottom of your feet.

At-Home Cupping Tutorial

The Cupping Tutorial will teach the basic techniques for the use of cupping featuring specialized techniques with certain areas on the body. 

Foam Rolling Activation and Recovery

The Foam Rolling Series will show the proper foam rolling technique for basic parts of the body. Activate before or Loosen up your muscles after games, practices, or workouts.

Strengthening and Rehabilitation Exercises

Get videos of all the exercises you do in any of our AMP/Self Made Sports Med clinics! These series feature our Doctors and Soft Tissue Therapists across the country from all our AMP/Self Made Locations. You will get access to strengthening exercises, mobility exercises, stability exercises, and more! 

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AMP Foundation
Certification Course

Specifically designed for Personal Trainers and Performance Coaches, the Foundational Course will show you specific techniques to implement percussion/vibration technology to your athletes and clients. Plus, you will also learn how to take this new found knowledge and generate an increased value of revenue for your business. 

The AMP Institute Foundational Course
The AMP Institute Self Care Course
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AMP Self Care Course

The AMP Self-Care course is created to teach you effective at home use or "on the field" application, techniques, and education to use percussion therapy on yourself, your clients, friends, and loved ones.



In addition to the certifications, you will have the chance to sign up for a monthly subscription to receive business tips and advanced techniques that will take your practice to the next level.